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Soundproof Office Pods for Peak Focus

Our diverse range of acoustic office pods & booths empowers focused and productive work across Australia.

Create the perfect environment for your needs. Explore our options today!

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Work pods for confidential meetings.

The ideal solution for a quick call, focused work, or collaborative meeting. Explore

Make your workspace agile & acoustic friendly.

An intimate office inside an office. Learn More

Escape the commotion & find a room for solitude.

Designed to support pleasant conversations. Dive In

The new workspace essential.

The perfect meeting capsule. A place to plan, create & debate. More Info

We're making meetings great again.

We’ve developed a series of soundproof phone booths and purpose-built office pods with modular architecture that offer Australian companies an affordable, sustainable, and flexible alternative to fixed construction and traditional workplace design.

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In good company.

Our acoustic solutions have helped our clients create a quieter and more comfortable workspace. Solve meeting room congestion and boost productivity with our distraction free pods.

Our commitment to innovative ideas is evident in every aspect, ensuring tailored solutions for the ever-evolving dynamics of modern work environments.

Join the ranks of trusted brands already benefiting from our expertise.

Designed for disassembly

Equip your team to stay productive. Anywhere. An investment that stays with you as you grow.


Its walls can be either black or white, but Humble Office is always green at its core. Our innnovations make it the most earth-friendly acoustic pod on the market.

Built to last

Extruded aluminum structure means you won't need any other pod for years and years. We think the planet will love us for it.