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Evolve by Humble - inspired by your vision.

Humble is dedicated to delivering only well-designed, thoroughly tested and internationally certified products. We put user experience at the centre of our design process. We believe users enable our products to meet evolving needs of modern workspaces, from office phone booths to collaborative meeting pods.

Evolve by Humble offers greater flexibility to customise our collection of pre-designed pods, bridging the gap between architectural design and accessibility.

The new Evolve range is more economical than its predecessor, Silent range, while being a lot more advanced. As part of our commitment to innovation, we will be phasing out production of Silent range. We will continue to provide support through the end of 2026, including end-of-life service support and spare parts for up to five years, depending on the technical features of the components.

We encourage you to explore our new line of Evolve smart pods and next-generation products, designed to revolutionize your workspace with advanced features and enhanced functionality. These innovative solutions reflect our commitment to providing the best in acoustic privacy and productivity.

Aspire to Evolve

Evolve provides you with the architectural edge you are looking for, at a more practical and accessible price point. Evolve can deliver you a meeting pod that is distinctly different and one that has been elevated to reflect your aspirations and work lifestyle.

The Evolve Advantage

Accessible Architecture. Our Evolve range offers our clients the ability to select one of our architecturally pre-designed pods. Perfectly balancing accessibility with affordability and providing optimal acoustics for any environment.

Signature Features

As with all Humble pods, each design we create incorporates our signature features that amplify natural light, enhance the air circulation and include details that feel beautiful, considered and complete.

Modification Possibilities

From different colour finishes to various furnishing options, customisations are possible with the Evolve range. Our involved design process can accommodate branding guidelines, extended size options, and even reposition doorways.

State-of-the-art soundproofing

Engineered to match the lifespan of the buildings they are installed in, Evolve pods provide a long-lasting and reliable solution. We ensure our pods not only promote productivity but are designed to stand the test of time.

Designed for disassembly

Equip your team to stay productive. Anywhere. An investment that stays with you as you grow.


Its walls can be either black or white, but Humble Office is always green at its core. Our innnovations make it the most earth-friendly acoustic pod on the market.

Built to last

Extruded aluminum structure means you won't need any other pod for years and years. We think the planet will love us for it.