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Silent Large Meeting Pod White (4 person)

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A private room that offers a space of maximum flexibility is what the Silent Large Meeting Pod Is. It is a quick and effective office booth solution to chaos as well as any environment.

At Humble Office, we are committed to the quality of our products and offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty on all our booths. For detailed information, please visit our warranty page. This warranty covers all repair or replacement costs due to manufacturing defects.


In our designing process, we fully utilize acoustic simulation softwares such as Insul Marshall Acoustic to iterate and obtain optimal acoustic performance. Our booth is consistent with the standard of environmental rating design value: Rw+Ctr 25 db (+5 db) and RT0.75 s (+0.1 s).

Fastening Assemble

Our design philosophy has always emphasised on simplicity and minimalistic approaches. Hence our whole model only utilises 90- degree fasteners.

Everything you need

Sound insulation, ventilation, lights, AC power, USB. Everything You Need.


  • Internal Dimensions: 204cm (W) x 150cm (D) x 214cm (H)
  • External Dimensions: 120cm (W) x 154cm (D) x 230cm (H)
  • Table: 80cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 67cm (H)
  • Bench: 180cm (W) x 55cm (D) x 65cm (H)
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We bought a Humble booth for our Design studio and we love the sound insulation. Customer service was also on point. Would highly recommend. 

Jeremy Schmidt

Perfect for both group use or individual. I definitely see an increase in productivity compared to working at my desk in our open office space.

Elizabeth Mincy

Our Customers

We have helped hundreds of companies around the world to solve their office noise problems.

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Designed for disassembly

Equip your team to stay productive. Anywhere. An investment that stays with you as you grow.


Its walls can be either black or white, but Humble Office is always green at its core. Our innnovations make it the most earth-friendly acoustic pod on the market.

Built to last

Extruded aluminum structure means you won't need any other pod for years and years. We think the planet will love us for it.